Boundary and Landmass

The Lagelu Local Government with areas of 416 squares kilometers was created in 1976, with headquarters at Iyana Offa. It was part of the Ibadan East District Council created in 1961. The Local Government consists of over 1076 towns and villages including the Principal towns of Lalupon, Lagun, Monatan, Ofa, Ejioku, Oyedeji, Kelebe, Sagbe, Elegbaada, Olowode, Wofun, Ogburo, Kutayi, Apatere, Olorunda, Ogunjawa, Ile-Igbon, Iyana Church, Odo Oba, Sukura and Akinsawe. In January 2017 two (2) Local Council Development Area were carved out of Lagelu Local Government namely: Lagelu West LCDA with her headquarters at Olorunda Abaa and Lagelu North LCDA at Oyedeji.

Ward Structure

Lagelu local Government consisted of 14 political wards before Local Council Development Areas were created, presently; it has 5 wards in existence. These are: Ejioku (4), Lalupon (7), Lalupon (8), Lalupon (9) and Offa (10).


The main occupation of the people in the Local Government area is farming including large production of palm oil and black soap; thus traditional palm oil and soap making industries are thriving in the Local government Area. There are two viable projects to boost the standard of living of the inhabitants of the local government. These are Eniosa Better Life Fish Pond as well as Eniosa Agricultural Projects.

Terrain and Rainfall